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  Hi friends, Welcome! 


I am Andrea Nicole,

Candida fighter, coffee lover, blogger.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with my two kids and puppy-dog Oscar.

My favorite things include reading, writing, photography, and cooking –which is how this blog came together!


I started this blog as a way to document my journey –a physically healing, soul changing walk, towards wellness.  I have committed to putting in the hard work, however, it can be a lonely journey to walk alone!  Not to mention, the lifestyle changes can be overwhelming at first.  


My goal: to share my experiences, information I’ve learned, and to connect with those of you who are on the journey too.

Sharing together lightens the load, celebrates our accomplishments,

and recognizes the complexity of healing the body!


Fresh Green Dip

Also, I really love food! So make sure to check out the, “Recipes for Success”, section where I share my collected, created, and tested recipes that ACTUALLY taste good (that’s right I said it!), AND fight Candida at the same time!

I am by no means an expert on the subject, on the contrary, I am only just beginning.  I have a long road ahead and so much to learn –so I invite you to join me!  When you are comfortable, grab a cup of coffee (I know I will), settle in, and catch up on some of your favorite posts

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