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Along the road on any journey are all kinds of interesting sights and stops. Check out some of my favorite and most informative ones so far.

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"...


Every day I learn something new! Below is a list of websites that I recommend as excellent sources of information, not only on Candida but overall health. Stay tuned for updates as this list is sure to grow over time! Have any more to add? Send me an email and I'd love to hear from you.

The Candida Diet

The Martin Clinic

Dr. Axe. Food Is Medicine

David Wolfe

Dr. Jockers. com -Supercharge your Health

Diet Doctor

Health Line –evidence based and medically reviewed articles on a variety of issues

Organic Facts –unbiased information on health

The 18 Best Probiotic Strains for your Gut –Dr. Edward Group

Wellness Momma –Simple answers for healthier families

Kitchen Ambition -In Pursuit of the Perfect Kitchen


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