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The Importance of Personal Goals: Setting, Achieving and Exciting News!

Hey friends!

I can’t wait any longer to share my news! One of my writing goals this year was to enter as much as I could to outside sources. I am happy to reveal that I won with my very first submission!

I initially subscribed to Reader‘s Digest Best Health Magazine in the New Year, as a way of contributing to my healthy choices, and I have found it to be such a great support. I decided to enter the, ”Write and Win”, contest and submitted a letter to the editor.

The following letter was was featured in the subsequent edition and I was so excited to receive my prize within a week!

The juicer is by far a BIG contributor to my diet - I use it weekly to make celery juice, almond butter, and dairy free ice cream!

See here:

I encourage you, as you strive for better health, to make time for the smaller goals you have for yourself.

Be thankful and recognize the milestones you reach along the way - It will only serve to keep you smiling and putting one foot in front of the other.

Thank you Best Health for your support!




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