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Travel Tips: Staying on Track when Going Away

Sticking to any meal plan can be difficult especially when traveling. Eating out and unpredictable schedules can present challenges when trying to stick with Candida friendly options. Below are some of my tips I find helpful when traveling.

I love taking road trips with my family. This is a good thing, especially because my extended family all live between 2 to 5 hours away. We often load up the car and head south for visits that last a few days at a time. How do I prepare for eating on the run, out of town, and away from home? I keep snacks handy, I pack staples for a few days, and I research ahead to figure out which nearby restaurants have Candida friendly options.


Snacks. I love them! Naturally, I always have some handy while traveling. This allows me to keep my stomach full and not get too hungry while on the road. We all know that getting too hungry can make for poor decision making when it comes to filling our bellies! In a pinch, a combination of snacks can also substitute for a light meal if there are no Candida friendly restaurants on route. What snacks do I keep handy? I am glad you asked! Below is a list of foods I keep with me in the front seat of the car on our road trips:


-Kale chips

-Seed Crackers (make a double batch)

-Raw veggies (cauliflower, celery, cucumber, green beans)

-Candida friendly coconut lemon cookies

-Chocolate chia seed pudding

(*recipes coming soon!)


In addition to my front seat stash, I also like to pack a small cooler for the trunk. I stock it full of staples that I can integrate into meals during travel, and make sure to have enough that will last a few days:

-Cooked chicken

-Cooked sugar free bacon

-Jar of bone broth

-Sunflower seed butter

-Jar of homemade vinaigrette salad dressing



-Bottles of carbonated water


-Green tea

-Candida friendly brownies

-Home-made BBQ sauce

*More "front seat stash" items!

This sounds like a lot of work, but since I am preparing these foods on a regular basis, it is easy to double up a recipe when planning for a weekend away. Add a few more items to the grocery list so there is enough to pack, and it isn't such a stressful task.

Research Restaurants

There is nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant and taking time in front of everyone to ask all kinds of questions about sugar, refined grains, etc. not to mention making the staff run back and forth to the kitchen. To save all the trouble, I make a point to call ahead and ask for ingredients. Since starting the Candida diet, I have taken time to call local restaurant chains to inquire about ingredients in some of their foods. This has allowed me to find places I can eat that wont compromise diet, and, allow me to enjoy time out with friends and family. I can often find one of the same chain restaurants at my travel destination, and it gives me peace of mind that there is at least one safe place for me to eat.

Remember: your safest options are always meat and steamed veggies -just watch for sauces and seasonings that have sugars, and dressings with vinegars. Be familiar with the Foods that Heal and Food's that Harm list, and it will become easier to pick and choose your best options! Below is a list of foods that I have found to be the most common safe options:

This seems like a lot of work, but I assure you once you know, you know, and eating out is stress free and delicious! There are so many more options to consider including the create your own stir-fry restaurants, Korean bbq (bring your own coconut aminos!), and seafood restaurants!

Have Fun

The most important thing about traveling is make sure to have fun. I know that planning ahead isn't always fun. But once on vacation, having a back up plan takes the stress away and allows for some normality and enjoyment. Nothing feels worse than being in pain or feeling sick because of a bad decision. I encourage you to try it!

What kinds of snacks have you traveled with? What are your favourite places to eat?

I'd love to hear from you!

-Live Laugh Lemons-


PS: For my Canadian friends, here are some of my faves so far when choosing meals at the following local chains (This list is only the beginning and I am excited to add to it as time goes on!) :

Boston Pizza

-dry ribs tips with salt and pepper with red peppers

-hamburger patty with tomato and onion on a lettuce bun

-raw veggies or garden salad as a side (byo dressing)


-Un-breaded wings with sea salt and pepper

-Hamburger patties on a lettuce bun with tomato, onion, guacamole

-Steamed veggies (broccoli, zucchini)

Swiss Chalet

-Chicken dinner with steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower)

-Garden salad (bring my own dressing)

The Keg


-Steamed veggies (green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini)

**Drinks at all locations: Water with ice, Perrier with lemon, coffee, green tea

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